Saturday, 12 May 2012

The Remnants of Atlantis

The Legend of Atlantis

  Once, long ago, there was a city with magical technology and people, the city’s name was Atlantis. There were remarkable people living there of various creeds and backgrounds but one of the most amazing things about Atlantis was the fact that they worshipped the Elohim.
   The truth is, Atlantis was a city steeped in the occult and as you probably know occult means secret. One of those secrets was the Elohim. Elohim means those that came from the sky. One of the secrets of Atlantis was they had interbred with the Elohim and had shared in the wisdom of the star people. They were very wise indeed and stored their information on tablets, papyrus and crystals of immense power.
 One day there was an immense cataclysm and the entire city was destroyed without any trace left whatsoever. This is the true story of Atlantis and what came to be of its remnants.

My name is Daniel Miles and I live in Jamaica, all I am about to type is information that I have collected telepathically. I have full confidence in my sources and believe that there will be an even stronger connection as the days go by.
   Atlantis was located in the place we now call the Antarctic region. It was once thought to be located in the Sahara desert Sahara means desert and the reason why desert is repeated twice is because a desert was made out of a beautiful place and thus the need for emphasis. I mean to share their history and their origins with the world and enlighten those with whom I have the utmost confidence. The truth is the planet is overrun with aliens of different species and origin. The city is actually located in the mind. Thus the meaning of the name the floating world.
  There were seven hundred and seventy seven pyramids in Atlantis signifying perfection and grace. There were frequent visits from “Aliens” and there was a unified sharing of culture and technology. The Elohim taught them everything they knew about technology and there was peace and humility upon the people.
  They were much like the philosophers of Greece and they were super intelligent having IQs as high as ten thousand. Their IQs grew with their age and they lived to be thousands of years old. They made beautiful music. Music even more beautiful than that of today!
They sang songs of immense length and depth that ranged on a one thousand pitch scale. They were remarkable to say the least. They lived in harmony with all the animals there. For one they were telepathic and understood the needs than the wants of the same animals and they were capable of immense empathy.
  The pyramids were temples of light. These temples were places of worship and study of the algorithm of electricity. You see, these beings were beings of vibration and thus to them electricity was a living thing. To them vibration was a cosmic dance not only a movement, that explains their beautiful music.
  The arts they studied were studied in depth and with great precision for what they did dated back to civilizations beyond the realm of human consciousness.
You see, consciousness is a vibration and thus explains how when Elohim created the world they had to utter words for things to come into being. Vibrations were also another way for them to communicate and make love.
  In the times that followed they created stargates and other miraculous things in order for there to be a better transfer of knowledge and artifacts. The stargates were like bridges, once you begin your journey on these bridges you become like atoms yourselves with the unique ability to step off of the circuit if one wanted though it was frowned upon. It was not wise to deviate from ones instructions.
  The Elohim were a race of people that lived light years away from this planet. To imagine a race that could traverse the expanse of 300,000 km per second is very hard I know but what if I told you that there was something that moved faster than light itself. Ah, now you are interested. My friend that element is Ether.
  There are things in this universe that are secret even to myself, yet there are thousands of galaxies left unexplored. As I continue to tell the tales I am about to tell bare with me as I continue to enlighten you.
  What is Ether? Ether is a quintessential element. It is here and not here yet is everywhere. It is what your mind is made of. To tell you the truth I myself am becoming confused thinking about it. I know the best ways to explain it is alien to us.
  The origins of the universe are more condensed at the heart of the universe and that is where the most sentient of Elohim reside and came from. They themselves have councils of sages that construct laws that are unfathomable by the minds of those younger and less adept.
  The oldest ones were over ten thousand years old and had visited the earth since the age of the dinosaurs. The knowledge they shared was so immense that they had a library of light. They had learned how to store information in light my friends and it was extractable by a machine called a photon extricator.
  What this machine did was disentangle strands of light and the colors were actually strings of code that could be deciphered by the eldest of the Elohim. They were very wise. That is why in the pyramids there was always a light. The lights were loaded with information.
  There were many experiments done in Atlantis also and to tell the truth there was a lot of amazing creatures too. For example Leviathan, Leviathan was an Atlantean name given to a serpent that was created to be the guardian of Atlantis. This animal was actually capable of speech and had three eyes. It guarded a temple of light under water which held some of the secrets of the Elohim and was dearly loved. As far as I know it is still alive today.
  There are things about Atlantis that stand on the edge of the surreal. For one thing they created animals that are in our myths today. They made satyrs, minotaurs, unicorns and other fanciful creatures in their spare time. No one creature was truly alike and the thing they strived for was creating animals that could live in different ways in the same environment.
  For example they would make a butterfly with wings that spanned ten feet and make a bat with smaller wings but bigger eyes something out of the ordinary to make things interesting. To tell you the truth I would create a blue puppy if I had the technology.
 The Elohim loved the Atlanteans but there was one rule. They were never to fly over to a little island that lay near to Africa. An Island called Lemuria. On Lemuria were a less developed species of Homosapien.
  The reason was they never wanted to interrupt in the natural order of development of planet earth which they referred to as Gaia. The more they stayed by themselves the more they got to play. 
  Atlantis was a place that bended space and time itself so that it were as if it were invisible until it was entered. The reason was they were protecting the secrets of the universe. They knew that if the information fell into the wrong hands there could be a cataclysm.
  There were seven races of Atlanteans and each had a supernatural ability. One was capable of shape shifting the other was capable of reading minds another was capable of manipulating electricity with his or her mind another was controlling certain elements another was magical abilities of craftsmanship another was magic with words and another was magical abilities with building.
  One of the most intriguing things is the fact that it was first located in the tropical region during the time when the earth was configured in a different way. There were two great races on earth, the Lemurians and the Atlanteans. The Lemurians were more builders than anything else but they worshipped the stars and were obsessed with finding true north. The importance of it was paramount to crucial.
  Evidence of their existence is in the alignment of the structures that seem to boggle the minds of the scientists of today. For example, the main pyramid in Egypt is situated three sixtieth of a degree to true north. Some speculate that it is pure coincidence but other gratifying evidence shows that there are more silent connotations than we would care to look for.
  The Atlantean civilization my friends was a place that would inevitably make one feel smaller than one were to imagine because there were things being done that would defy the very nature of science. It was science itself but a higher science which I call psyonics.
There were two great Elohim which lived in that time one we shall call Seraphiel and one we shall call Zachiel. They all had the power to create but one of the dearest gifts was the gift to foresee the future. This was the job of the oracle. An old wise woman with an eye of crystal.