Thursday, 13 December 2012

Sacred Elements

Sacred Elements
1.    Xenathium
2.    Alanium
3.    Pricrosbotyrinium
4.    Phiotium
5.    Dioxium
6.    Deoxytritium
7.    H6O9C14
8.    *Presbitarion Mitosis*
9.    Milientii Stramonium
10.                       Tetrahexadionic Trisulphatium
11.                       Su3Xa4O3
12.                       Ma7Bi2Xe5Ao12
13.                       C1405Ni12Pu72

  There is a place that was mentioned in Greek mythology called Hyperborea. A lot of philosophers have been talking about it and it may seem like it is a place only of fiction but the truth of the matter is that it is a place among the stars. It is close to the sun called Aldabaran and to get there one has to ride on the mythical wings of the Borealis.
  The bird I speak of is a representation of light in its pure state and the ability to travel not only by lightning but also by light. The truth is the sun itself is a mainframe of light and to decode the messages one has to be able to understand the extricable properties thereof. It is not noticeable by a lot of people but light exerts a certain amount of pressure on whatever it falls upon. Thus there is absolute proof that light itself carries something.
  So, if light can carry things then what would stop someone from weaving a craft of light and moving through the space in which they occupy. The problem with human beings is that they are grounded. In every sense of the way, the food we eat grounds us and not only that the light which shines from the sun grounds us. I am coming out of silence right now because I am tired of people being lied to. They say silence is golden but the sun doesn’t shine silently. Science has been watered down and diluted. The more I seek the more I find and it seems like there is a never ending stream of information.
  There is something called a waiton slypher and it is supposed to be able to act as an intergalactive pensieve. It is a hole in the fabric of space and light that allows for the passage of information to be utilized. I am going to try to describe all that I know so that the readers of this blog can relate to what I am telling them.
  In the beginning there was one but one was not alone. In one’s company followed many zeros. In those times zero was not a place holder but an aspect of intergalactic manipulation. Representing 360 degrees or “NUN”. There were 13 races and each had an idea as to what to do in order to perpetuate life. They all were a peaceful race except one which had an evil and maniacal plan to subvert the earth’s populace into slavery. The races visited the planet interchangeably doing great things in the sight of those living on the surface of the earth. Hundreds of years passed and people began to appear on the face of the earth. The first to appear were the black and yellow race. They spent their time exploring the caverns and caves hoping to find shelter from the meteor showers that happened sometimes.
  They were descendants of a line of galactic travelers but they were giants in the olden days. They possessed abilities and artifacts that date back some millions of years into Andromeda’s past. They came on a mission and that was to seed the planet with life so that they would be able to observe the generation of the species. A cataclysm happened and they had to go deep underground with their forefathers who were able to move through rock with the use of interdimensional space vehicles. The surface was left without human life for a long time and other species came to seed earth after the cataclysms. They made creatures smaller so as to allow a better interaction with their creations. They worked on the generation of life but one race had always in their entirety worked on the degeneration of life on earth. For they knew within themselves that the core of the Earth could only last so long.
  They had travelled across the galaxies searching for the one who had not forgotten for the one who had remained intelligent even with the passing of a huge planet. Those that resided on the crust of the earth were known as Petuchian Primitives while those on the interior were known as the shining ones or Ella. They had followed their makers into the earth to protect their minds from dissolving or being gutted out.

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