Sunday, 16 December 2012

The Truth Is Going To Be Revealed.
  Now I know that there is something seriously going on. People seek but they do not find and it is because they do not understand the concept of love. To figure out what love is one has to study the ghost of DNA. The ghost of DNA is music and vocals and if one could see the sine waves that are made you would realize that they are a horizontal or vertical sine wave representation that looks like two snakes entwined depending on the position of the person talking or singing. Whether they are standing or Lying down (SINE WAVE)
  Animals communicate in a code that can be witnessed by the way they live together and apart. Animals can also speak with their feet, figuratively speaking. So if you pay attention to how and where they walk you would realize that they ARE trying to talk to us. The truth is that the planet IS dying and it is because there are so many things which we do that affect the biomes of many animals. Near sighted people are people with the gift of vernacular sight. Everything looks blurry because that is how the fourth dimension looks. From time to time people pass away and the world still doesn’t stop spinning. It is because death is just a change of clothes and it will only be more evident as people awaken to the truth that sits right under their noses.
  I am near sighted and I can say that this world is dying. I am able to look around and say that I am at a certain place because I have balance on my side. Balance is provided by the ears and animals with ears have a perception of the fact that the sky is UP. The planet on an astral plane looks blurry and disheveled as if it were disorientated. Mother earth is the conjoinment 

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