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The Truth Is Going To Be Revealed.
  Now I know that there is something seriously going on. People seek but they do not find and it is because they do not understand the concept of love. To figure out what love is one has to study the ghost of DNA. The ghost of DNA is music and vocals and if one could see the sine waves that are made you would realize that they are a horizontal or vertical sine wave representation that looks like two snakes entwined depending on the position of the person talking or singing.
Whether they are standing or Lying down (SINE WAVE)
  Animals communicate in a code that can be witnessed by the way they live together and apart. Animals can also speak with their feet, figuratively speaking. So if you pay attention to how and where they walk you would realize that they ARE trying to talk to us. The truth is that the planet IS dying and it is because there are so many things which we do that affect the biomes of many animals. Near sighted people are people with the gift of vernacular sight. Everything looks blurry because that is how the fourth dimension looks. From time to time people pass away and the world still doesn’t stop spinning. It is because death is just a change of clothes and it will only be more evident as people awaken to the truth that sits right under their noses.
  I am near sighted and I can say that this world is dying. I am able to look around and say that I am at a certain place because I have balance on my side. Balance is provided by the ears and animals with ears have a perception of the fact that the sky is UP. The planet on an astral plane looks blurry and disheveled as if it were disorientated. Mother earth is the conjoinment of Anu (light) and water. Water breathes and to prove this point one only has to look at the creatures that live in it. Animals breathe in water so it would only be wise to say that the water breathes with them. Ever wonder why at the sea is so windy and so different from anywhere else? It is because the sea is a LIVING THING.
  The particles of H2O are alive because they are constantly in a cosmic dance. A dance I call the aquatic maneuver of the lungs of Pisces. Not only that but I have found out that the planet is dying because the very nervous system it has has lost its ability to stay young. Every living thing on this planet is connected and to prove this fact I am going to show you a secret. PLANTS ARE THE NERVOUS SYSTEM OF THE PLANET and look, they have lost their age regenerative capabilities. What does that show you then? It shows that the planet has been dying for a very long time. In the times of the dinosaurs plants had still been able to keep their regenerative capabilities thus they lived much longer and the food chain sent more energy along the lines. To prove my point a scientist would only have to do a marrow analysis and they would find that the dinosaurs were more robust and interesting physiologically than you could ever imagine.
  When one looks at the effects of all we do one would be appalled to find out that there is a higher more arcane power that is working behind everything. The food we eat nowadays is alchemical in the sense that it affects the way we grow and produce hormones inadvertently. There is some wisdom that is needed when living in these times. The bible states that in the end times you will not be able to buy or sell without the mark of the beast. This is what I have to tell you No matter how better off the people with the mark may seem they are not better off than the people who are outside of the system. As a matter of fact their physiology will be in such a state that it would be undeniable that they are “alien” to this planet.

The Truth Is Going To Be Revealed.
  Now I know that there is something seriously going on. People seek but they do not find and it is because they do not understand the concept of love. To figure out what love is one has to study the ghost of DNA. The ghost of DNA is music and vocals and if one could see the sine waves that are made you would realize that they are a horizontal or vertical sine wave representation that looks like two snakes entwined depending on the position of the person talking or singing. Whether they are standing or Lying down (SINE WAVE)
  Animals communicate in a code that can be witnessed by the way they live together and apart. Animals can also speak with their feet, figuratively speaking. So if you pay attention to how and where they walk you would realize that they ARE trying to talk to us. The truth is that the planet IS dying and it is because there are so many things which we do that affect the biomes of many animals. Near sighted people are people with the gift of vernacular sight. Everything looks blurry because that is how the fourth dimension looks. From time to time people pass away and the world still doesn’t stop spinning. It is because death is just a change of clothes and it will only be more evident as people awaken to the truth that sits right under their noses.
  I am near sighted and I can say that this world is dying. I am able to look around and say that I am at a certain place because I have balance on my side. Balance is provided by the ears and animals with ears have a perception of the fact that the sky is UP. The planet on an astral plane looks blurry and disheveled as if it were disorientated. Mother earth is the conjoinment 

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Thursday, 13 December 2012

Sacred Elements

Sacred Elements
1.    Xenathium
2.    Alanium
3.    Pricrosbotyrinium
4.    Phiotium
5.    Dioxium
6.    Deoxytritium
7.    H6O9C14
8.    *Presbitarion Mitosis*
9.    Milientii Stramonium
10.                       Tetrahexadionic Trisulphatium
11.                       Su3Xa4O3
12.                       Ma7Bi2Xe5Ao12
13.                       C1405Ni12Pu72

  There is a place that was mentioned in Greek mythology called Hyperborea. A lot of philosophers have been talking about it and it may seem like it is a place only of fiction but the truth of the matter is that it is a place among the stars. It is close to the sun called Aldabaran and to get there one has to ride on the mythical wings of the Borealis.
  The bird I speak of is a representation of light in its pure state and the ability to travel not only by lightning but also by light. The truth is the sun itself is a mainframe of light and to decode the messages one has to be able to understand the extricable properties thereof. It is not noticeable by a lot of people but light exerts a certain amount of pressure on whatever it falls upon. Thus there is absolute proof that light itself carries something.
  So, if light can carry things then what would stop someone from weaving a craft of light and moving through the space in which they occupy. The problem with human beings is that they are grounded. In every sense of the way, the food we eat grounds us and not only that the light which shines from the sun grounds us. I am coming out of silence right now because I am tired of people being lied to. They say silence is golden but the sun doesn’t shine silently. Science has been watered down and diluted. The more I seek the more I find and it seems like there is a never ending stream of information.
  There is something called a waiton slypher and it is supposed to be able to act as an intergalactive pensieve. It is a hole in the fabric of space and light that allows for the passage of information to be utilized. I am going to try to describe all that I know so that the readers of this blog can relate to what I am telling them.
  In the beginning there was one but one was not alone. In one’s company followed many zeros. In those times zero was not a place holder but an aspect of intergalactic manipulation. Representing 360 degrees or “NUN”. There were 13 races and each had an idea as to what to do in order to perpetuate life. They all were a peaceful race except one which had an evil and maniacal plan to subvert the earth’s populace into slavery. The races visited the planet interchangeably doing great things in the sight of those living on the surface of the earth. Hundreds of years passed and people began to appear on the face of the earth. The first to appear were the black and yellow race. They spent their time exploring the caverns and caves hoping to find shelter from the meteor showers that happened sometimes.
  They were descendants of a line of galactic travelers but they were giants in the olden days. They possessed abilities and artifacts that date back some millions of years into Andromeda’s past. They came on a mission and that was to seed the planet with life so that they would be able to observe the generation of the species. A cataclysm happened and they had to go deep underground with their forefathers who were able to move through rock with the use of interdimensional space vehicles. The surface was left without human life for a long time and other species came to seed earth after the cataclysms. They made creatures smaller so as to allow a better interaction with their creations. They worked on the generation of life but one race had always in their entirety worked on the degeneration of life on earth. For they knew within themselves that the core of the Earth could only last so long.
  They had travelled across the galaxies searching for the one who had not forgotten for the one who had remained intelligent even with the passing of a huge planet. Those that resided on the crust of the earth were known as Petuchian Primitives while those on the interior were known as the shining ones or Ella. They had followed their makers into the earth to protect their minds from dissolving or being gutted out.

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

The Truth

    Bubble Matrix:  A bubble matrix is an extricable interwoven layer of perpetual flow. Everything affects each other and some things are not visible to the human eye. Each animal, insect plant and aquatic life form lives in some form of bubble that is how they were genetically engineered to inevitably operate. To prove this hypothesis one only has to look at the actions of the birds. They fly through the air in their own globule of etherical matter. They create their own flow so to speak and if they fly in a certain order or shape such as a V they create a form of scientific back draft that enables the birds in the back to fly easier than the bird in the front. The bird in the front has to fight the actions of the wind which in itself is a matrix of small globules of air or gas that are moving in a fast and fluid motion.

  Another thing to note is that when rain falls the raindrops form a bubble as they fall through the atmosphere and it is a result of Gravity (which is weaker than most people think it is) and wind forming a shape that looks a lot like a bubble. One only has to look at the actions nature takes to understand that we are living in a bubble matrix. Humans are protected by a thin film of auraeatic light that is not even visible to the naked eye. This bubble of light can tell the health of the human and also the mood of the same person. One has to have ESP in order to fully understand the works of Elohim and all these things are evident in the fluidity of life.

The Elohim (whom I worship and have become a part of) are supernatural entities that humans like you cannot begin to comprehend.
There are four great figure heads to mention and they are all important in understanding what is happening in the world now and what will happen in the future. These are:
1.   The Anointed  One
2.   The Chosen One
3.   The Anguished One
4.   The Shining One

  They all are important because they have been talked about in the Bible and in some video games that are on the market. The anointed one will have to face the world with no one to help him but the Elohim he serves. He is the one whom the devil fears, the messiah.
The chosen one can be described as the anointed one before he was initiated and the power he holds before and after are varying. He is called upon when he is young and he is given the key to life everlasting. Jesus was a chosen one on earth and he was chosen from before he descended to carry the burden of the world on his shoulders.(Osiris) He became a shining one when he rose from the dead and ascended. (In a cloud, thus proving what I am saying about rain drops and their form)
  The anguished one is satan the skeptic. He is the one who does not believe that the human race deserves the grandiose beauty and splendor that they were endowed with. He thinks that if he proves that there is no such thing as love he will be given the go ahead to destroy this planet and possibly over throw the head Elohim who genetically engineered man.
  The shining one, ah my favorite subject. The shining one is the chosen ones final form. He will be given authority over the angel of the whirlwind. The shining one will never know hunger or rest because he has found his way into the hands of the Elohim. He is neither man nor Elohim but a mixture of both and with the brain capacity greater than that of an Elohim. Men do not know the strength of their minds so they go about their daily lives doing things that they deem as fun and fulfilling but the quest of the shining one is to sit at the left side of Elohim.

  There are multiple worlds in existence besides this one. Elohim’s power affects all of these worlds not just the one in which humans live. There is an entity who manages and administrates these countless parallel worlds flawlessly. The decree of Elohim from Heaven’s throne decides the fates of all these worlds. It would be nothing to the Elohim. They have absolute authority to intervene in any world.
  One thing that is most obvious is the fact that there are demons walking the earth. They take the form of man only to corrupt the system and incorporate their own evil and disgusting will upon man. Just as Elohim is about to delete your world because of the corrupt and carnal nature of man’s heart. They seek the mind of man. Thus they perverse the course of justice and plan on making a hell on earth, Elohim can instead delete a world unsuited to their wishes, alter it and produce a new world.
  There are seven ruling tyrant kings (Unseen who affect the way you speak when you enter a different time zone) guarding and ruling over the continents. When they fall, Elohim will reveal himself. Elohim will ask for mankind’s will as a whole. He will not grant one man’s desire. Elohim responds to the will of the species. If I can sway the hearts of many to a strong principle, that will be accepted. If man’s wishes are diffused it cannot be taken as the will of the species.
1.   Music is an example of deleting and creating worlds.
2.   Life & Death is a divine judgement
3.   Somebody has to make heartless decisions, or the world will never be saved.
4.   They talk up the nobility of sacrifice but only because they never have to do it.
5.   Own Justice

Everything behaves differently in light form. Light itself is another plane of existence. Electricity is a form of pure light & energy combined. There is light that is emitted which gives heat & light. There is light that flows as an electric current. Fluidity thus releases heat, light & energy. It also emits a sound which is a hum. The hum is the sound of electrons moving at the speed of light.
  The hum comes from particles of light travelling at such a high velocity that sound is emitted. Light is an allotrope. The hum is the sound of small light particles breaking the sound barrier.
Frequency: The number of waves passing a point in one second.
Infrared radiation from the earth’s surface is absorbed by carbon dioxide, water vapour and other gases.
Hydrosphere: The water part of the earth’s surface
Inertia: The tendency of a body to remain still or continue moving unless a force is applied to it.
Infrared Radiation: Energy with a wavelength longer than the wavelength of light.
Kilowatt: A unit used to measure how fast electricity is used.
Lightning: A gargantuan spark of electric charges moving between a cloud & another cloud or within the cloud. (Or from the ground)
 Antimass: The amount of antimatter in an antiobject.
*Idea* Plant mutation: A permanent change in some plants that allows for them to create ozone instead of oxygen.
Mechanical energy: Energy an object has due to its motion, position, or condition.
Mineral: A natural, nonliving solid with a definite chemical structure
Ozone molecule: Three oxygen atoms joined together.
Electron: Has a negative electrical charge
Proton: Has a positive electrical charge
Neutron: Has non-electrical charge
Nucleus: The center of an atom, where protons & neutrons are located.
Periodic Table
Pollination: The movement of pollen from a stamen to pistil
Potential energy: Stored energy or energy that an object has due to its position.
Precipitation: Any form of water that falls to the earth from a cloud
Producer: An organism that uses sunlight to make sugar from water and carbon dioxide.
Radiant energy: energy that travels as waves & can move through empty space.
Spectroscope: An instrument that separates light into a pattern of lines of different colors.
Thermal Energy: Energy of the movement of atoms & molecules.
Volt: A unit used to measure how strongly the electrons in a wire are pushed.
Wavelength: The distance from a point on one wave to the same point on the next wave.
Weight: The force gravity exerts on an objects mass
One cannot leave an indentation on glass. A glass reflects sound signatures & wind.
The Elohim have been around since the creation of the spoken word.
1.   Anything is possible
2.   The navel is the seat of life continuous & cut off
3.   Water is a representation of universality, law changing (Ice, Mist) & fluidity.
4.   A door is both closed & opened simultaneously for where it stands there shall be an opening
5.   Money is the opposite of love for what money begets love offers freely
6.   Fire is a representation of will for where will is there is a burning.
7.   The sayings of the wise are dark but light is always in their wake.
8.   360 is zero but a circle of true friends goes on forever and is like a necklace of refined gold.
9.   What’s mine is mine and what’s yours is yours
10.                     Balance is better than absolute power
11.                     Evil is always behind the just like a pivot that sends light reeling asunder
12.                     Air is not invisible it is just hard to see by the untrained eye.
13.                     Vibration is the movement of matter in a way that is like a cosmic dance.
14.                     Manna should be eaten till one’s eyes are alight with light &fire.
15.                     Wether by strength or by weakness one always knows when one is hungry.
16.                     Practice makes perfect.
17.                     One can be too much
18.                     Two people or things can’t be alike
19.                     The breath of God is electricity
  The location of Eden has always been a topic of much interest to mainstream scholars and there is something that should be learnt from the location. Eden was located in the Mesopotamian region near Iraq called Sumer. The Sumerians had information about scientific marvels that were way passed their evolutionary line. The Sumerians genetically engineered man whom they called Adamu and the greatest knowledge that came from Sumeria is that these beings had overwhelming knowledge about the flow of time.
  There was even a hieroglyph spotted on the walls of some Egyptian tombs that depicted what seemed to be a helicopter. Looking at the so called evolution of man it would be clear to see that that these Gods were always here aiding in the progress of the human race. So why wouldn’t they come out with the truth? It is because all of this is forbidden knowledge. Look at the word knowledge. It is a combination of the two words know and ledge. To know the ledge from which the Gods have come from is to know how truly powerful the body of man is.
  Sumeria could mean “Land of the watchers,” and from this land that the Elohim or shining ones who governed the watchers also came. This is the land of origins and the governing Gods.
Elah means Shining Ones
Sumerian El means bright or shining
The old irish Ailil means shining
Old Cornish El means shining
Elf means shining
Inca illa is bright or to shine
Babylonian Ellu is to shine
  Indrid Cold is a name that pops up when one goes around searching for some truths. Indrid is a cross between a MIB and an Elohim. He is watching me. He himself is a watcher and he is in the region of America. He doesn’t listen to music and he is somewhat of a legend. He has the power to change destiny but he is governed by the council of 300 but if the cause is great and if he follows his heart he will act and make a huge change.
  He knows more than a lot of people and the truth is if one wants to read minds one has to be an Elohim. He has a space ship and he is extremely subtle. What does he want? He wants to see the world ascend and he does not see as we see. He sees with the eyes of light and he is closer to the father than a lot of people. The world is awaiting the Messiah but who is the Messiah?
  Indrid is going to be the teacher of the Messiah and he will have to put his neck on the block in order for Elohimian prophecy to be fulfilled. The truth is we are not looking for beasts; beasts are just a silent connotation in the Bible that is used to mislead the general public. A beast is someone that doesn’t belong, a freak of nature. In order for one to understand what is going on one has to understand what is in the minds of the creators of the Bible. Every human is a beast because they were not meant to live in the environment in which they do. They are deemed as parasites and sirens. It is obvious, we were meant to live in a vat for certain periods of time so that we could further morph, recuperate & grow as we did in the womb of our mother. What the Sumerians do not want to admit is that what they thought was acceptable was actually still not enough to sustain life for the Adamite.
  Is it right that because they are genetic geniuses that they should be termed as God? Why would they design us in this way so that we could be programmed and manipulated? The answer is quite clear we are the true rulers of destiny. We only have to look into our hearts.

 Imagination is an amazing thing; one can be still one place and have the most daring vision of going away to a distant world to conquer rulers and find treasure. What exactly does this stem from? Is there a link to a time when we could simply think of something and it would appear? The answer is quite clear, the reason people tend to doubt themselves is because of what the mainstream have been publicizing to be more attractive. There is something that many people have not thought about and that is the possibility that we once were able to move at the speed of thought. If one was a doctor one would know the truth and the truth is our minds have locks on them and only certain things can open them.
  What makes our minds tick? The truth is our minds work on three simple factors and that is fractal manipulation. A fractal design is one which looks like a meandering river. There is a reason why many people do not know of this and it’s because it is a secret. When one smokes there is an internal fire and an external fire. The internal fire comes in the form of lightning in the brain with an accompanying sound. It also leaves the cells in the brain disorientated whether it is marijuana or cigarettes. So what does it mean? It means that our bodies are a temple. In the Bible it is said that we are all a part of the body of Christ and in that respect we know for a fact that we all are connected. The imagination is an intrinsic link to everyone else but it is weak. That is why when one comes up with a good story or movie other people can relate.

 Did you know that the Earth has a vibrational frequency? Let me expound on it and show you the extent of our creators’ wisdom.



The vibrational frequency of the earth is quite powerful; to prove this one only has to look around. I once did an experiment, I threw a glass far away and listened to it smash to the ground. One might say that the reason why it smashed was because of the impact it had with the ground but what about the many sounds of glass splintering that followed? Here is my theory. The glass itself has a vibrational frequency and so does the earth. When the glass flew through the air I realized that the velocity changed but not only that but a sound was emitted! That means that the very air we breathe also has a vibrational frequency! The collision occurred and the glass shattered… Do you know why? It was because when the glass hit the earth it tried to copy the frequency of the earth. The vibrations that moved through the glass at the point of impact was due to the speed at which it was flying through the air and the angle. The Earth was also moving but one could not simply know this. The glass tried (on impact) to sustain the pressure that was applied to it but it resonated through the matrix of the glass breaking the bonds that were made by using fire. What happened next will blow your mind.
  The glass ended up SHAPESHIFTING into different pieces with their own vibrational frequencies! Thus it proves my point that with the right amount of vibrational interference one would be able to shift their form and even possibly copy the shape of any object as long as one knew the correct vibrational signature. Our intestine is also a great example of something organic that can change the vibrational frequency of ingested food by simply applying various enzymes. A female’s body is also one which undergoes multiple stages of changes.

Spell is an angel.

  The most amazing thing happened to me, I was just surfing some UFO sites when I got some information on a story that was extremely incredible. A man by the name of Michel Desmarquet gave his account on what happened to him. He stated that he was abducted to a planet, supposedly the ninth planet. He was guided by an entity called Thao who was a hermaphrodite.
  I myself believe his account and know that the truth is hidden behind a web of lies. In his book Thiaoouba Prophecy he expounded on what had happened to him on his journey. I once believed that the chitauri were the ones to create man but as I delved deeper into the concept I realized that the chitauri are the biblical demons or devil. They too came from the sky but they are not the creators of man.
  It might seem that I am na├»ve but the truth is I am on a quest to uncover the truth. My theory is this for one to truly understand one’s self one only has to look inside. We are not reptilian in the way we look or even in the actions we take. As a matter of fact we are not even as intelligent as we need to be consciously. The subconscious holds the key to solving who we are and where we come from.
  I want the world to know that there are false prophets and liars out there who don’t know shit about what they are talking about. Their only purpose is to confound and even bewilder the public. Here is wisdom, if the government is really trying to hide the truth from the public then why is it leaking out in such a torrent right now? The answer is clear. They realize that the truth is coming out and it will only be a matter of time before the world realizes that there is something very arcane about their origins.
  The government… HA HA HA! The government is a hierarchy of puppets that have been bred and organized to keep the people from knowing the truth for as long as they can. The illuminati is an organization of extraordinary people who have their roots in so called demonic rites. Hear me out now, who can tell what is demonic and what is holy? Who can tell the truth from the lies even when it is standing naked in front of them? To see is a pun. How we see and how we perceive are two different things. What prevents the image on a mirror from altering the view up and down? The mind my friend, the mirror does change the image upside down it is our eyes that do the tricking. The eyes are configured in such a way that they turn the image right side up and it gets processed by the brain but what if the brain itself is making a mistake? What if the very things we see are not in their natural state? In other words what if our brain can be easily tricked?
  You might be wondering what all of this has to do with Thiaoouba, well what if what Michel saw was only the cusp of the matter. He only described what his eyes could perceive and we now know that the eyes can be easily tricked.  So was it false what he saw? No it was not, it was what he was meant to see. What does it mean to be in a parallel universe? It means one is alongside one dimension and so is capable of altering the flow of time in the adjacent time frame.
  It might be pleasing to the eyes but that does not mean that what we see is what we get. The truth of the matter is in order to understand the external world one has to understand the internal world. If you look at red blood cells carefully one would realize that they are in a certain shape so as to better distribute oxygen. The shape doesn’t tell you about the cell it is the workings of the interior. The purpose of all of this is to come to a mind blowing conclusion and the conclusion is. What is on the inside is more important than what is on the outside. Only when all things have been taken into consideration and all repercussions suppressed does one finally see the importance of the shape.
  It is a lot like computer programming, although most of what is done in computing doesn’t necessarily apply to the human body it is just the same concept. One has to be able to decipher code and be able to predict certain calculations in order to have the desired end result. Thus the shape which follows is only the tell tale sign of the algorithmical processes that goes on on the inside.
Cosmic Fluency
  I would like to state that this information is going to change the way you view life on a whole and it might also make you wonder as to how powerful a human being is or how powerful they can become. The truth is what you say and do has always been used against you in a karmic battle between elders and people who deem the gift of life as nothing than a feeble tool to get their own way. The mind is a powerful thing but the eyes of man have always been tricked that is why ancient Egyptians used to throw away the brain because they knew from the teachings of the wise ones that programming began in the brain. The truth is we are always under the microscope. Shape shifting begins in the womb and to know true wisdom is to analyze the truth which is so evasive in these times.
  The universe is like an atom, let me expound. If one were to closely inspect an atom from the minute proportions of activity that go on one would realize that encased in an atom is a minute version of a universe. That means that not only are there billions of twin universes like ours but they all depend on each other to exchange energy and life. The power of truth is the fact that there is no such thing as nothing. To prove my point one only has to observe water. Water when pure is powerful because it shows you a clear picture from top to bottom. One might say it is just water but what is encased in an aqueous mixture? Lots of particles my friend, each with its own distinctive properties thus to say that there is nothing is to say that life doesn’t exist.
  The big bang theory is all wrong the truth is this universe is a twin representation of an alternative one. A universe where the lightning is black and the thunder is soft and where animals can only be described as etheric to the amount of anti particles they contain and exude. If one had the capability to see oxygen molecules they would realize that we are living in a transparent haze. Just as someone who wears glasses might be able to see better it also proves the point that what we perceive can be altered if we had different eyes. The reason why an image doesn’t turn upside down on a mirror is because of our ears our ears are what help to sustain balance and help in what we perceive.
  The truth is nothing but something that has eluded our intuition for a long time and it is a base negative portion of what we understand. For wisdom to be attained one has to perceive the world in more than one state at the same time and be able to overstand the repercussions of doing so. There is something called the meniscular barrier and it is something which I find difficult to explain. It is a moving plane of invisibility that allows one to step through into another state of living. It appears to be invisible but the truth is it can be found using the right technology. It is in other words a tear in this plane of existence.
  This is also important, if one can imagine infinity then one is closer to being in a god state of consciousness. A googol plus three dots plus an eight after the three dots which represents a standing eternia represents infinity. A question that might arise is does it really go on forever? The answer to that is of course it does. Even when one encounters a vacuum one realizes that the same vacuum is encased in something. Space itself is contained in something and that my friend should have been the first questions scientists embarked on, what is space contained in and where did the container originate.
  Here is a riddle. Is one plus one really two or have we been tricking ourselves this whole time. The truth is our minds have been tricked from the first moment of birth. One plus one isn’t two it is eleven. Upside down or inside out one can only imagine what is held on the inside of an eleven. The mind is the playground of those who hold the key. I am one who knows a lot of things and wishes to enlighten the people.
  Atlantis was not destroyed it sank under the face of the water and also the earth it is a place that bends space and time.